2. Are you ready to TRANSFORM your relationship with "healthy food" and cooking?




    It's pretty simple.

    Eat more plants.

    It's scientifically proven.

    OUR diet is killing us.

    And change doesn't have to be hard.

    You don't have to give anything up.

    I'll show you how.

    One #alternative at a time.


    Once you know more, you may never go back.

    This is just the beginning.

    Welcome, it's no accident you're here.




    Tell me if any of this sounds like you...




    "I love animals and I really don't want to keep eating meat but its just too hard to go plant-based..."



    "I would go vegan but I have no idea how to cook..."



    "I would go vegan but I don't have any idea what vegan food is..."



    "I can't get enough protein or I'd totally eat plant-based..."



    "My doctor suggests I need to lose weight and stop eating meat and dairy, but I don't know what else to eat..."



    "I want to eat healthier but I don't have time and I hate cooking..."



    "I don't want to have to give up my favorite foods to go vegan..."



    "Eating vegan is really expensive..."



    "I want to learn more about being vegan but I'm too lazy to learn..."



    "I want to go vegan but I my family and friends will judge me..."


    Trust me, I've been eating this way for 6 years now and I have heard alllll the excuses! BUT...


    What if I told you there was a way to:

    • Learn how to eat, shop (navigate new territories of the grocery store) and prepare foods in an easy way WITHOUT having to limit yourself or give up any of the foods you currently eat/love?
    • Choose and invest in the modern day kitchen appliances that will completely SAVE TIME and change the way you prepare healthy foods...
    • Help you understand the benefits of "vegan food" and that actually all REAL FOOD IS VEGAN, until we add meat, dairy and eggs.
    • Teach you alternative sources of protein that are more than enough to sustain you and build strength & muscle mass and actually perform BETTER without causing harm to innocent beings.
    • Make alternative plant-based swaps for foods that currently causing your body illness and disease without sacrificing flavor, to PREVENT yourself from getting sick in the future.
    • Learn how to prep your pantry (i.e. dried bulk items) and prepare meals in a way that is easy, healthy and super cost efficient.
    • Learn how to make Ahh-mazing sauces that will replace your dairy intake/cheese addiction forever!
    • Learn how to "lean on" other online platforms and resources to make learning fun and creative instead of dreadful and time consuming, potentially leading you into another income $ stream (stay tuned for my next course!)
    • Learn how to stand up for yourself and overcome fear of criticism by choosing your own belief systems and leading by example. 

    ALL these reasons are EXACTLY why I created this program and guide-which has also been referenced to as the 'BIBLE' of thriving plant based ;)

    For so many years I would cook for the people I love and still continue to do that. But then I realized I had such a wealth of information and experience stored inside my brain which forever changed the course of my life...I felt like I was doing a disservice if I didn't essentially "help people, help themselves".





    So, if any of these things have ever crossed your mind...what are you waiting for?


    If quarantine taught me anything, it was "if not now, when?"


    Life begins outside of your comfort zone.


    The food we eat is a huge program we run on.


    I found myself asking why I was eating meat? And I had no better answer than "someone put it on my plate"...


    I had no other real reasons why.


    It's 2020, and I believe in the evolution of food. 


    I believe we no longer have to kill harmless beings in order to thrive and I believe we need increased compassion and that PEACE begins on our plate.


    If you can positively change the habit of how you eat, I believe you can positively change many other areas of your life.


    Real change starts with YOU.


    I believe in you.


    xo H


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    Ok, so let's just take a quick re-cap of what you're getting when you purchase "Recipes for Change" a pocket guide for thriving plant based.




    A colorful, easy to read downloadable 'PDF' of a plant-based transitioning "BIBLE" with lots of PICTURES you can use right from your phone when you grocery shop! ($47 value)


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    What are you waiting for!?

    I got you.




  • But Why should you trust me?

    Because I'm fired up with passion.

    My name is Heidi Roy and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, author, travel enthusiast, plant-based lifestyle coach and chef, residing in Rosarito, Mexico. My mission is to act as a change agent in the lives of others by combining areas of holistic wellness and mindfulness practices. In 2016, I launched a vegan meal preparation business called Alternative Junkie and later used the recipes of my best-selling meal items to write a cook book entitled "Recipes for Change: A Guide to Living Plant-Based.” The name Alternative Junkie came from a definition of the word "alternative" which really resonated with me: “a label for the label-less.” I have collaborated on local plant-based cooking demos, grocery tours and educational workshops including a 2019 series at the University of Nevada Las Vegas entitled Plant Power 101 and 102. I now hope to inspire others to find personal empowerment through alternative food choices as did I, years ago. I hope to continue inspiring positive, limitless changes in the lives of many. I also always knew I'd be able reach as many people as possible by finding an online platform to share with you all! I'm so stoked to be here. In 2014 someone influential took my hand and guided me down the path of veganism, and my goal is to BE THAT PESON FOR YOU. There's really no better time than NOW.


    "This e-book is MY BIBLE (literally), opening the door to my own Narnia; a way of living that’s incredibly tasty. It is everything you need & want to know regarding “how to start” to become Vegan/Plant Based. The last several months I changed my lifestyle, I began thinking with INTENTION. After years of dietary restrictions, I decided I'm going to do a factory reset. This woman is incredible. I used to say I don’t cook, I eat. Lol. It’s never too late! Start now!"


    "Alternative Junkie is not only amazing vegan meal prep, but Heidi also created an e-book that I’ve used personally on my plant based journey. I suggest that anyone who loves getting creative, is searching for plant based alternatives & is curious about expanding their palate and sharing with the ones you love, download this program. So much value in the pages that Heidi has compiled and crafted intentionally and carefully."


    "Alternative Junkie is literally a breath of fresh air when it comes to having someone guide you in the world of health and veganism.. In my house I have a husband and 3 kids who all eat very differently, it can be challenging to try and switch our whole house over to straight vegan or all healthy etc. Heidi makes it way less overwhelming and shows me that it’s really simple to use *alternatives* to many of the things I’m already buying daily that are a much better option to our health, and doing my part to not participate in animal cruelty. If you’re on the fence about becoming vegan, or if you just want health advice in general, Heidi is your go-to Gal. Alternative Junkie is more than a business, it’s a movement!"

    Stephanie CosTA

    "The concise booklet you didn't know you needed!!! Recipes for Change: A Guide to Living Plant-Based is a simple and effective resource to getting educated and enjoying your plant-powered exploration. From conventional alternatives and replacers to kitchen must-haves and pantry staples, it's got everything for the newbie to longtime vegan. Ideal for any cooking ability, most recipes consist of minimal ingredients and are easy to make. Get this in your life!"

    JOdi Paige, Ceo Virgin cheese

    "The Secret's in the Sauce ~ and Her Sauciness shares the liquid gold that makes plant powered buddha bowls, veggies, salads, dips SING with full on flavor! Heidi's e-book is a bible for those crossing over to the power of plants or who just find themselves stuck in routine. I have seen her in action, tasted the magic and continue to be a huge fan!"

    Brent Roberts

    "I bought this program via a friend's recommendation because I wanted to begin cooking vegan cuisine. These recipes are not only easy to follow, they're super quick! I often double the recommended ingredients and have food for a week. I especially like the burrito bowl and lazy-man lasagna bowl. This book makes cooking easy for all skill levels. Highly recommended."

  • FAQ's

    Q: Do I have to commit to going vegan if I buy this guide?

    A: No way! I created Alternative Junkie as a "label for the label-less". For those who didn't want to be labeled "hardcore vegan" but wanted to make an impact by educating themselves and limiting their consumption of animal based products. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be perfect to be vegan-ish! Every little bit helps. I do believe you'll be feeling so good you'll enjoy the path as it progresses for you. It gets easier as time goes on. Remember, you're REprogramming YEARS of food conditioning. Be easy on yourself.


    Q: What if I can't find these products at MY grocery store?

    A:Make sure you ask. If they don't have it, then be the first one to request it! That's how we create demand! And increased demand for alternatives equals decreased demand for cruelty! If this doesn't work, google is your best friend! Google "vegan recipes" for an item you cant find. Most likely you will end up with a whole food plant based option. (Like I explained in the presentation). And you can make it from scratch. Also, its so satisfying to eat food you create yourself! It's such a great mindfulness practice.

    You can also order almost anything online these days too! Stock up when you find stuff you love! Products are always changing!


    Q: Do you recommend going "cold turkey" if I want to go vegan?

    A: First of all, LOL. This will depend on how strong your "WHY" is. Do what's best for you. Remember there are no rules on how to live your life. (repeat that again) Don't EVER beat yourself up or feel guilty if you fall off the wagon. Dust yourself off and get back on again. You make the rules how fast you want to go.


    Q: What if I am the only one in my family or friend circle who wants to make change? What if they don't support me?

    A:You will learn quickly that most flavors and "real" food aka fruits and vegetables and grains, are plant-based. It's easy to make a plant-based meal and then add protein to it. This works great if you have a family. Also, if you are taking positive motions to better your life, remember this: you will only be criticized by people doing less than you. So do you boo. Stay TRUE to what you believe in your big heart. Learn, and continue to lead by example. I SEE YOU.


    Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like the program?

    A: Due to the digital nature of this purchase, no refunds will be given. However, once downloaded you can share this gift with anyone you think will love it. Give the gift that keeps on giving. That person may receive infinite value and you'll never know the profound ripple effect you could have by sharing.





    This offer is for anyone who is looking and wanting to make a drastic change to their current lifestyle. The path/journey you are about to embark on is extremely fulfilling and eye-opening. This guide, along with the bonuses is dedicated to the people who want to make a difference in their health, their consciousness, and the planet we live on. Especially people who are:



    • In "poor" health/overweight looking to drop some weight, and boost their immune systems
    • Pre-diabetic/Type 2 diabetes
    • Anyone looking for more life purpose/impact
    • Anyone who doesn't believe in factory farming 
    • Anyone who dreads cooking
    • Anyone who says they "can't cook' but wants to learn
    • Parents wanting to lead by example for their children 
    • Anyone who wants to re-program their relationship with food so they can become empowered to reprogram other beliefs they have in their lives which no longer serve them. 
    • Eating a lot better and getting a greater variety of foods in your diet than you've ever eaten before!
    • Sleeping better
    • Pooping better...#sorrynotsorry you're welcome ;)
    • Feeling lighter
    • Feeding your family better/leading by example
    • Saving TIME and MONEY
    • Feeling excited and empowered and challenging yourself to try something new.
    • Learning a new skill and maybe finding a new passion
    • Maybe turning that new passion into a side hustle doing what you love (My Vegan Entree-preneur Course!)


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