You've always dreamed about starting your own vegan food business...


    You're not sure where to start...


    You don't think you have enough money to get started...


    You don't think you have enough time...


    You don't feel like your food is good enough... 


    You've been looking for a way to make money doing what you love...


    You LOVE cooking vegan food...


    You LOVE helping people...


    You LOVE feeding people your vegan food. 


    You are PASSIONATE about ALL things VEGAN!


    I MIGHT have the SOLUTION for YOU!

  • Wanting to start a Vegan Food Business and Don't Know Where to Start?


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  • But Why should you trust me?

    Because I'm fired up with passion. And I know how powerful it is to feel supported.

    My name is Heidi Roy and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a licensed massage therapist, plant-based lifestyle & business coach, "food engineer" and travel enthusiast.


    In 2015, I accidentally launched a vegan meal-prep business called Alternative Junkie and later used the recipes of my best-selling meals to write a cook book entitled "Recipes for Change: A Guide to Living Plant-Based".


    'Alternative Junkie' embodies the entire way I live my life: anything but "normal".


    This always evolving lifestyle brand has opened up so many doors for me in my life including my most recent endeavor: running an all-inclusive Vegan B&B in Rosarito, MX where I get to cook ALL the food for my guests!


    My passion for teaching (I used to teach yoga!) has led me to the world of coaching. As someone who values TIME, I hope to inspire more people to start their own small side businesses doing what they love.


    Instead of creating a food franchise with my food business and creating more "jobs", I hope to create more entrepreneurs and spread more vegan options where maybe there are none...with MUCH LESS overhead and start-up costs.


    With my background in hypnotherapy and personal development I'm confident I'm armed with the tools to get you crushing your limiting beleifs accomplishing your dreams of owning your own business...WAY sooner than you imagined!

  • How It Works:

    How to apply for the Vegan Entrée-preneur Course

    Watch my FREE WEBINAR!

    Watch my quick informational video on the importance of choosing a mentor to get STARTED when launching your new vegan food business!



    I'm not here to sell you, I'm here to align with you if this is the sign you've been looking for...

    I might be the universe in disguise ;)

    Sign up or DM me on Instagram to book a time to chat more about your vision. I'd love to see you achieve your goals!





    As soon as you agree, we set a launch date, TOGETHER, and we get you making money selling your vegan creations, as soon as YOU decide.

  • Did you know?

    As a licensed hypnotherapist I understand the relationship between "inner work" and Entrepreneurship. If you currently feel like you're lost, stuck, anxious or depressed, the idea of starting ANYTHING new seems daunting. I get it. I've been there. 


    With the rise of social isolation and heightened anxiety, I am seeing so many more young people struggling with their mental health.


    I promise. You were NOT put here to suffer. 


    In addition to business coaching I also offer hypnotherapy and lifestyle alignment sessions.


    If you'd like to request more info about that, please leave your information on the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


    You can also find me on my other Instagram account @lifestylealignmentcoach and contact me by direct message there if you prefer. 




    *There's always a solution*

  • SOULFUL Womens' retreat

    Valle de Guadalupe Baja, Mexico

    March 24-27th 2022

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    Soulful Womens' Retreat

    Soulful Womens' Retreat

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    This is your $400 (initial deposit) and the balance ($377.00) will be due upon March 24th.
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